About Us

Our Mission
Good financial practice is essential to every organisation, regardless of size, location or purpose. At The London Accountancy Practice, we want our clients to have peace of mind that their organisation is following financial best practice, and that they are fulfilling all their financial obligations.

Our range of financial services mean that every business can find a level of support that works for them, providing the services that they need to be financially efficient and effective, even building their own financial skills through training.

Our Charitable Purpose
The London Accountancy Practice is a partner of ASSET, which was originally created to provide financial management support and training to voluntary and faith groups across Bexley, Greenwich, Lewisham, and Southwark. Today, our services are available across London.

Recognising that small and disadvantaged groups were unable to afford financial services support provided by private accountancy firms and individuals, our original aim was to provide access to professional services at a discounted rate.

We continue to offer this support for eligible clients today, alongside the support we provide to local businesses and a broad group of clients across London. This includes over 300 voluntary sector organisations in and around Southwark.

As a registered charity, the London Accountancy Practice brings first-hand knowledge and experience of this sector to our clients, ensuring our skills and expertise provides the financial management support our clients need.

Our Board of Trustees
Our Board of Trustees is comprised of the following people, who bring a wealth of knowledge to our organisation, including finance, accountancy, legal and consultancy expertise:
Abraham Tecle [Chairperson]
William Anang [Treasurer]
Helena Kowalska
Dr. Henry Bamidele
Alfred Syl-Turay
Ade Adebambo [Chief Executive and Company Secretary]


Between 1986/87, we were originally launched our services under the name " LOCAL ACCOUNTANCY PROJECT (LAP). Our client base extended from Southwark, to Bexley, Through Greenwhich and Lewisham. Since then and today, we have grown to meet a London wide demand.

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